Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Been a long time.. my friend!

Wow, time does fly! I can't believe that it has been months since i last blogged about clip art! I don't have a real excuse as to why this is the case! I LOVE art and i LOVE creating art but I have been in a bit of a non-creative slump!
The first day of snow was a few days ago and the first real snowfall was yesterday. I was going to take my car out but quickly parked it again when my tires spun just when i pulled out on the street. Visions of getting stuck on the street and flagging down a stranger didn't at all sound like a good time!
Christmas is not that far away and it feels like it was just here! I spent it last year with my parents and sister. Unfortunately, my parents moved to B.C. so I won't be seeing them this year for the holiday. However, my sister lives here so we will go out for Christmas dinner somewhere yummy like the Olive Garden or Swiss Chalet.
If you are also already thinking of Christmas ( hard not to when all the stores are already becoming full of decortations and toys... I'm talking to YOU Costco..)
You can find hundreds of Christmas Clip Art at http://www.clipsahoy.com/christmas.htm.
I will add a few more cute cliparts in the next few weeks, maybe that will help to get me back on track!
Have a good week!