Friday, May 28, 2010

Clipart & Tasty Goodness!

It has been a couple of weeks since my last blog! I have been busy with a few projects around my place. My sister came up to visit a couple of weeks back and we toured all around the interior of B.C. The worst lasagna that i EVER ate was at this store called 'The Village Cheese Company' in Armstrong, B.C. . I had been looking forward to trying this lasagna for a couple of years. It was awful and very disappointing.. However earlier that day on our travels, we had ended up at Mission Hills Winery in Westbank. It was beautiful.
If you are planning to do any travelling this summer check out our Vacation Clipart!

I also just finished the Intermediate Cake Decorating Course that was offered by my city. Before i took these courses i didn't know what a 'coupler' was or how to fill a decorating bag! My sister's birthday was on the 16th so i made & decorated some cupcakes. She likes Winnie the Poo so i went with that theme. I had made a dozen giant cupcakes but, i ended up eating all except those four!
Clipart is great for giving you ideas as to what to put in your cupcakes or cakes. In my cake decorating class, the images that were use were all large scale clipart.
Let me know if there is a clipart image that you would like larger to use for your cake decorating design!

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