Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free Stuff!

How to Get Free Stuff Online
Coupon Crazy!
I remember when I was a little girl my mom use to bring her purse to the grocery store with a stack of coupons bulging from her wallet. There was no Internet back then and all the coupons were from the newspaper and weekly flyers. Today, the Internet has made life easier in catching that obscure bargain. Many freebie sites will give you great links to companies that offer these coupons.
Sign Me Up.. Scottie?
If you sign your ‘e-mail life away’ can pretty much get any freebie you like. Once a company has your email address, they will send you updates for more sample products and offers. Just be aware of companies that ask any money to be sent. This falls into the category of a ‘scam’. A freebie is a freebie.
Swap Till You Drop!
There are sites that give a platform for those who wish to swap their items with others who have items of similar value. It’s a win win for both if you find something that is swappable. Check out This site gives you a good idea as to what is involved in swapping like valued items.
Bookmark Your Favorites
If you find a freebies site that stops that your mouse clicking finger in its place, bookmark it! You might need to get back to that page during a tight spending month or if you are just jonesing for a good deal.

Seriously… Lets Get Started.
Look around your computer desk. You will need these few items before you start online bargain hunting!

a) Printer -hooked up ready to print at any given notice. This printer should have a green light on it (not flashing but solid, ready to take action when needed)
b) Ink in the Printer and Paper - is the ink fresh in your printer or are you not sure?? Check it out! Also, make sure your paper supply is full.
c) Scissors - handy to snip out that coupon that will save you a few of your hard earn dollars!

Now you are ready to look for the best sites to find freebies. Many sites out there offer freebies for almost everything. Some of those sites are small and some are larger. I will look at which sites offer the best and most up to date freebies.The freebie site that I will be profiling today is
Easy to Find Main Categories.

The categories are right away on your left hand side of the page. I picked ‘Birthday Freebies’ link to check out what I can get free on my birthday. Once I clicked on that link, I scrolled down and easily found the birthday freebies links. Lots of Choice. In each main category there are a large list of freebies. It is all alphabetically listed and are items that I find interesting. For example, in the ‘Pet goodies’ category I found a sample for cat food. However, the freebie had expired and I was unable to sign up to receive the coupon (see ‘cons’ below).
Location Listed
Beside each freebie it states in parentheses whether the coupon is accepted in Canada or the United States. This is always good to know since this takes the confusion out of where the offer is worth checking out.
Lots of Scrolling

The page is not layed out well for the average Internet user. I had to scroll down on each page to find the list of freebies after I clicked on the main category.
Ended Contests & Broken links
Unfortunately, some of the links that I clicked on were already expired and a found one that was a broken link altogether.
All in all a good freebie site but I know there are bigger and better ones out there waiting for me to discover and share!

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