Friday, March 12, 2010

The Magic that is Clipart!

Clipart is simple and can make you feel a wide range of emotions.
These little icons can be found in numerous places during our everyday life. Just the other day I was contemplating what to eat when I strolled past a restaurant with its menu on the door. I stopped and looked because the tiny little images beside the menu items caught my eye.
First thoughts?
The toast clipart looked tasty with its tiny melted butter and the club sandwich was tantalizing with its lush green lettuce and ripe red tomatoes every so slightly sticking out between two slices of bread with perfectly placed toothpick sticking out from the middle. Oh! And I can’t forget to mention the delicious pickle on the side!
Clipart shows up almost all ordinary places during your day, starting when you wake up.
The Newspaper
Full of clipart, pulling your eyes to the latest bargain or sale. Look at Me! Buy Me! The clipart portrays.
Drive to Work
You pass billboards on the way to work. You look twice because a bright image caught your eye.
At Work
You sit in during a co-workers presentation on how to make the company run more efficiency. They use a clipart to demonstrate a few key points. You almost nod off but fortunately the clipart keeps you interested.
At Lunch
Your new favorite coffee shop has a clipart images integrated into its name and you notice the same image on their recyclable coffee cups.
On The Way Home
You pass a co-worker in the hall; they show you their new business card with a professional clipart image beside their name. It looks great and you think about doing the same.

Clipart is all around us but it is so common that sometimes we don’t even notice how often we see these images.
Home Uses For Clipart
Clipart is ideal for home based projects. These are a few examples of projects that I used clipart for or have known someone who has.
Garden Labels – I have printed out clipart for my garden and laminated the new ‘labels’. For my carrots I printed out a cute clipart of carrots and typed “Carrots’ under the clipart image. This can be done for all your garden vegetables and used year after year.
Holiday & Birthday Cards- I have created cards for all occasions using seasonal clipart. This is easy to do when you use a simple card-creating program that you can purchase for your home computer. The program allows you to insert your choice clipart into the card.
Web Pages- Clipart and web pages go hand in hand. Almost every site uses clipart on its home page. I have use clipart on my personal web pages to make the page more interesting and eye catching… plus clipart can be cute and silly and I like that.
Calendars- A relative used clipart to create a personalized calendar for their family. If their son had hockey on one day, they used hockey skates clipart to portray the events of that day.

Clipart is fantastic and fun! Everyone should enjoy a little bit of clipart everyday in their lives!

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